Welcome to Give2Me...the mutual help community

We all have financial needs at some point in our lives; whether it is to pay tuition fee, buy a car, house...you name it. Give2Me was designed to connect people who need financial help with people who want to provide this help.

How To Get Started

Please Note:
a. Do Not Register if you don't have the intention of Providing Help.
b. Participate only with your spare money.

1. Register your account
2. Fill in your Bank details where you will be paid when you are due to Get Help.
3. Go to your Dashboard and click on the 'Provide Help button.
4. Follow the prompts on your screen and fill in the amount you want to Provide Help with.
5. You will be matched within 48hrs to Provide Help
6. When you are due to Get Help, you will be matched within 48hrs.

About Give2Me

Give2me is a community of givers, people who provide each other financial help. In Give2me there are no contracts, no lenders and no debtors. The system is quite simple, one participant asks for help, another participant helps out.
Please Note
Is not a bank
Does not collect your cash
Is not a web business, HYIP, Investment or MLM program.
Give2me is a community where folks facilitate one another. Give2me provides you a technical platform that facilitates innumerable participants worldwide to find and connect with the people who would like to extend their helping hand just like yourself to other people in the community who are seeking timely help, and that too for FREE.
All transferred funds to different participants are DONATIONSand not investments. You offer your moral gesture to help somebody in NEED and that is absolutely GRATIS.
If you are utterly sure about the basic concept and your actions and made up a decision with a sound mind to participate, we kindly request you to dig more information, learn rules, read instructions and warnings first. In case you have more questions about this subject please do not hesitate to contact support and we will be happy to answer.

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