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    • Chike

    Give2me is the best. I pledged 10,000 ,25% for 15days and was paired and paid as of when due. I registered someone who pledged #300,000 and my referal bonus of #30,000 was paired and paid as of when due. What else can I ask for, I am satisfied. Give2me rocks.

    • Eduboi

    Give2me is really a life changer, I introduced several people who provided help of NGN 6,600,000 and as soon as the recipients confirmed the payments I asked for help to withdraw the referal commission and I was paid instantly. Thanks to give me. Let's keep providing help and receiving help, let's keep giving and receiving.

    • Gbemy

    I provided help on Monday and got help on Thursday. I'm very appreciative. You are simply the best

    • Thea

    I joined give2me at the end of November through a big friend of mine and I provided help the same day and immediately I was paired to pay someone. I paid and watched my money growth. I have collected my first money and it was very easy. I have enjoyed it so far, anytime I ask support for help they are quick to respond unlike many other groups. Come join us at the top.

    • Pamly75

    I am Ije and I joined in November pledged to provide help that evening and was paired a few hours later. I watched my money grow in 15 days and thereafter requested help. It was a smooth ride and I really appreciate the feedback we receive from them.

    • Okezievic2000

    The system is such an easy one, that you have to choose a plan that best suits you. I choosed the 25% plan and was pairs in a short period of time. Its really a great way to achieve financial freedom

    • Henry1

    My name is Henry Ugwu. I'm a member of Give2me. I provided Help of #50000 on 28th November 2016 and was matched two days later to pay which i did. And today 16th of December 2016 i got help of #62500. Thank God for this wonderful platform.

    • Benericsson

    All referal bonus has being paid to me? Give2me is a platform to invest in, because they have come to reduced poverty and help the economy grown, no fear of being shut down, site trouble shooting or frozen account. Do invest here today for a better tomorrow.

    • Mjbaron

    I have not seen a system so organized as this, every thing works as promised. The best is notification on every transaction done please keep it up.

    • Princess23

    l am OKOH UCHENNA from Abuja I PH 20K and i got 30k back all thanks to Give2Me Team

    • Amaka

    I provided help and was matched to pay people. I got someone to register and after he provided help and it was confirmed I got my 10%referral bonus paid. This is really fantastic. Please keep up the good work.

    • Ozioma

    My name is Ozioma, I was paid one of my Refferal bonus on the 20th of December 2016. Thank you Given me for making me happy.


    I provided help fr 30k nd in two weeks I got 7500k extra..so happy

    • Riokingz

    I plegded to give a help of 5000 naira on 6th Dec. And i was required to pay which I did and I waited till my time came to get help which I did on 20th Dec, and I got my money accurately. Glory To God

    • Nicholas

    i am so happy that i was introduced to this wonderfull platform i ph 50000 and under 15days i got 62500 including my referral bonus what more can i say this is the best

    • Okezievic2000

    Its really nice when you havevyour financial freedom. Having provided help with the 25% plan in 15 days, I just made my withdrawal request, and its a trusted system. Join today and enjoy same.

    • Dicken

    I love this platform, so easy and full of like-minded persons,keep the good work going, long live G2M and the people involved.

    • Jenny

    My name is Jenny, on the 28 of Nov 2016 I provided help of 300000 and on the 20th of December 2016 I got help of 375000. Thanks give2me. Together we can change the world..

    • Tasha

    My name is Natasha from Abuja, I got help of N2,366,000 within just a few days of providing help in Give2me. With Give2me we can change our world. Am so happy I am part of this. Long live Give2me.

    • Mandy

    I am Amanda Okoronkwo, and I make boldly to say that Give2me is the best mutual help community ever. I love the prompt matching when you pledge to provide help and the reward of 25% when you provide help for 2wks and reward of 50% when provide help for 4wks. This is just like none other. I got help of N2,333,,333 within a few days of providing help. The admin/support really live up to their words/promise here. Good job guys. Together we can change the world!

    • Rowland

    My na name is Rowland from Enugu, I got help of N2,233,333 in just a few days after I provided help. Am very very pleased to be a part of Give2me. Long live Give2me.

    • Emman

    Am Edegbe Emmanuel from Edo State, a participants of G2M. I provided help of 25000 naira on the 6/12/2016 and got help of 31,250 naira on the 22/12/2016. All thanks to G2M. Am very happy now.

    • Ebyboy

    I am very happy to announce that i received help to the sum of N230,000 after having provided help of N200,000. i am very grateful, Give2me rocks

    • Maymay

    My name is May, a beneficiary of give2me. I provided help of N80, 000.00 for 25% on 6/12/16 and got help of N100, 000.00 on 23/12/16. Give2me is helping millions of people out there. It pays!!!

    • Anamash

    My name is Grace from Port Harcourt I PH 200,000 for 15 days on 5th December and got GH 250,000 on 23rd December. Give2me made a diferrence in my life,am happy to be associated with them . keep up the good work.

    • Ozioma

    My name is ozioma, on the 28 of November 2016. I provided help of 50,000. And on the 23rd of December 2016, I got help of 92,500, which is my 25% interest plus my referral bonus. Long live give2me.

    • Eduboi

    My name is Chinedu from Abuja Give2me is one of the best things that has happened to me this season. In just less than a month of joining give to me and providing help, and referring other people I have received help of over N3,333,333 and this has completely changed my life and financial status. The support response is prompt thus our issues and challenges are give optimum attention. Let's continue giving an receiving as we create light for others and naturally light up our own way. Long live Give2me!

    • Amaka

    I provided help on the 12 of Dec. 2016 and on the 15th day, voilaaa.... I got my 25% and of course my capital. Give2me is the best

    • Ace Blaze

    I'm Aibangbee Godstime a participant of Give2me, I provided help of 20,000 naira on the 8th of December 2016 and got help along with my referral bonus of 26000 naira on the 24th of December 2016 and got paid.All thanks to Give2me.long live Give2me.

    • Gdex

    i provided help of 10000 and got help of 22500 after 15days. Give2me is the best.

    • Paulskies

    I join give to me on the eight December and I provide help on the eight December which I paid 10000 thanks to give2me on the twenty eight of December I got help of 12500. I will say thank to give2me the best.

    • Skab

    Give2me is real, I refer a participant, and he paid, I requested for my referral bonus of 4000 which have already been paid, God bless give2me

    • Victor Jackson Essie

    my name victor from Eket. i joined this platform and introduce a friend into it. he provided help of 20000 naira. my referal bonus was 2000 naira and it was paid directly into my account. thanks

    • Michaelfreedom

    Am so happy to be part of this family... I was introduced to this platform by my woman to be... I provided help for just 2week (50,000) and I was give back the help just on the second week... I can't believe my eyes.... Have provided another help.... Its just fun all the way.... Come join this family to help others.

    • Selinah kalafubara


    • Vlekwauwa

    I provided help of 20k n after few weeks I gethelp of 25 and I was paid...

    • Topsy

    I am happy to be part of this community,I did PH of 20000 and I have gotten Help of 25000.Together we can fly..nice to be here.

    • Gbemy

    Give2me is life changing platform. Try it

    • Wendixx

    I love give 2 me.. ..i provided help of 5ok and got 62500 in 15days.. .am so happy. ..am seriously glad.. .love give 2me

    • Luckykcee12

    It's been 15 days since I invested the sum of 100,000 naira and today I got paid the sum of 125,000 naira how easy and safe this works, you don't have to worry about your money cause it's safe and if you have a problem that needs answers the admins/support are always there to listen and act fast , what a wonderful site . Thumbs Up give2me I love you guys. Thanks for everything

    • Connectafoo

    I did PH of #40000 and got Help of #52000 inclusive of my 2000 referal bonus Give2me PAYS!!!

    • Chudeeric

    I am Eric by name and I join give2me on the 14th of December 2016, I chose the 15days plan and provided help of 200000, and on the 29/12/2016 I requested to get help and 250000 was completely paid. Its awesome...

    • Jay1

    Joining Give2me has been great. I PH of #50,000 on 29/11/2016 and GH of #62,500 on 17/12/2016 without delayes.

    • Jay1

    I'm proud participant of Give2me. I PH of #50,000 on 02/12/2016 and GH help pf #62,000 on 20/12/2016, still without delays.

    this is simply the best, in every way fast in matching people and best is fast in responding to issues when you write to support. give2me all the way

    • Emman

    Am Emmanuel from Edo State, a participants of G2M. I got a referral help of 3250 naira on the 4/01/17. All thanks to Give2me. I love this platform.

    • Bomsy

    My name is Boma from Port Harcourt, I registered on 19th December, provided help of 200,000 same day, I did the 15 days plan and got help on 4th January 2017. Give2me is real and has been of tremendous help

    • Amaradivine

    My name is Amara from Nigeria, I provided help of 10000 naira on 19/12/2016 and on 04/01/2017 I requested for help and was paid 12500 naira, Give2me is really working and I am glad I belong, what are you waiting for ,join today and you will be glad you did,thank you ooh Give2me.

    • Amaradivine

    My name is Amara, from Nigeria, I am a participant in give2me community and I want to relate my experience with the support team of give2me when I had problem trying to get help. On 04/01/2017, I tried to GH but the thing refused to submit after I have done all I am suppose to do so I decided to write to the support team of give2me and friends within some hours not up to 24 hours they answered me and solved the problem, I must confess this is the first of it's kind, they are different from other communities I know, they are superb, swift and reliable I encourage everyone to join this community, you will not regret it, it will be the best decision you will make in this new year. Thanks.

    • Isaacemeka567

    Give 2 me is really working I provided help to a member who needed it fifteen days ago and today I needed the help and I got it

    • Miss Lizzy

    My username is Miss Lizzy and I am a participant on this lovely platform... I operated a 25% in 15days plan on this platform... I PH with a sum of 50000 on the 21st of December 2016 and I GH to the tune of 62500 on the 5th of January 2017. I am so happy....long live give2me .

    • Jonathannwoke

    I provided help of 5000 on 20dec and on 5jan i got help of 6250.give2me is the best

    • Accede

    Hello, everyone. I am Accede, I just got help from my referral bonus of N2,080 and it has been paid into my bank account.

    • Vivianaustin

    I provided help on the 19th of Dec. 2016 and I have gotten help. G2M you guys are superb. I love u guys thank you.

    • Vivianaustin

    I want to commend the support team, they are very kind and organized, whenever I have problem, they will solve it very quick without wasting time. I'm so happy, they made me feel like a princess.

    • Sentzero101

    Give2me is real, i provided a help of 20000 in return i got a help of 25000 under my two weeks plan. thanks to give2me.

    • Jenny

    On the 28th of November 2016, I provided help of N300000 and on the 9th of January 2017, I got help of 375000 Thanks you give2me.net. Together we can change the world.

    • Boset

    I provided help of #50000 on 15 days grace with 25% bonus on 22-12-2016, an requested for help on the 06-01-2017 and received the sum of #67000 inclusive of My referral bonus, this is amazing G,ive2me is wonderful, am happy to belong to this great community

    • Kayus baba

    I am a participant on this platform. I GH a total referral commission of 27000 and I was paid within 24hrs.... Wow...this is great and I am so happy... Long live Give2me....together we shall change the world.

    • Sege

    I am a participant with give2me,I pH on the 22-12-2016 with the sum of #50000 and GH on the 06-01-2017 and received the sum of #62500, I can't believe it until I got my money with 25% bonus within 15 days, give2me is real,God bless you

    • Benedo1982

    I Okoduwa Azanama on 27/12/16 i PH of 20000 naira after 15 days on 10/01/17 i request for GH with 12hrs i received 25000 naira .Give2Me is the best .thanks

    • Austpower

    My name is Augustine from Nigeria. I provided help of 30,000NGN and got help of 37500NGN. Thanks to Give2me Team

    • Yemisi

    I really thanks give2me i provide the help of 5000 ans i got my money accurately thanks

    • Rafaelnemero2

    My name Raphael, what I like most about this platform is the quick response of its admin to matters...I just got help of 5000 naira from referral bonus...if u still have thoughts, please dont.. This is the best place to be right now

    • Albert90

    all thanks to G2ME,the are simply the best,i provide help of 10k on 27/12/2016,on 10/1/2017,iget help of 12,500k

    • Fisayo

    I am Fisayo and I am a participant on this platform. I PH a sum of 40000 on the 26th of December 2016 and I GH to the tune of 50000 on the 10th of January 2017. I am so happy because I was paid on time.... Wow... Give2me rocks!!!

    • Godwin

    I am Godwin Opara from Imo State, I provided help of N400,000 and after 30 days, I received help of N600,000. Give2me is really the best. Wow ! Am so happy.

    • Okezievic2000


    • Braktru

    I am Olufemi Ogunsowo from Nigeria in Lagos state, a participant in Give2me. I requested for help from my accrued referral commission on 12th Jan,2017 and bank account was credited on 13th of Jan,2017 which was prompt payment. Indeed and surely GIVE2ME Pays. GIVE2ME Works GIVE2ME is real.

    • Berylspark

    I provided help of 60000 and after 15days growth of 25%, i got help of 75000. Give2me is real.

    • Kayus baba

    Am so happy that after the little delay due to the correction being made on my GH I have finally been paid.... This shows that give2me is such a reliable and effective platform... Long live give2me.

    • Blue

    Hi, my name is blue, I PH N1000000 sometime in december under 2 weeks plan for 25% interest. Upon maturity on the 31st of december , i was paid in ffull, my interest and principal. The experience was fantastic and the site is functioning well. All thanks to give2me.

    • Gold

    Hi, my name is gold. I heard about give2me in december and decided to give it a try on the 2weeks plan. I pledged 50,000 sometime in december and cashed out 62500 on the 26th of december. I like give 2me.

    • Azubike Ekune


    • Thea

    Wow... this is the best crowd funding platform I have ever been on. The payments are quick and the support system is amazing. I'm grateful for this opportunity to do this. God bless you guys.

    • Fabpink

    My name is Fabpink, I am from Rivers State I requested to provide help on the 5th of December for the sum of 150,000 and I requested to get help of N187,500 on the 19th of December and got paid in 24 hrs. Give2me truly pays.

    • Omisky

    My name is Olaere, I am from Rivers State I requested to provide help on the 2nd of December for the sum of 200,000 and I requested to get help of N250,000 on the 19th of December and got paid in 48 hrs. Give2me truly pays.

    • Mmasichukwu

    I recently recommended a friend to give2me.net. The moment the payment she made was confirmed, I was paid 10% referral commission on what she paid. Thanks to organisers of the forum.

    • Fisayo

    Give2me is indeed the real deal... I PH a sum of 50000 on the 2nd of January 2017 and I GH to the tune of 62500 on the 17th of January... Payment was made promptly... I am so happy... Bravo give2me.

    • Ritanne4

    My name is Agu Nneka i stay in Enugu and am a member of give to me .net.I PH on 7/12/16. 20,000 and also on 22/12/16. 20,000.I GH of 50,000 on 11/1/17, 12/1/17 and on 19/1/17.Give to me is real and together we will change the world.

About Give2Me

Give2me is a community of givers, people who provide each other financial help. In Give2me there are no contracts, no lenders and no debtors. The system is quite simple, one participant asks for help, another participant helps out.
Please Note
Is not a bank
Does not collect your cash
Is not a web business, HYIP, Investment or MLM program.
Give2me is a community where folks facilitate one another. Give2me provides you a technical platform that facilitates innumerable participants worldwide to find and connect with the people who would like to extend their helping hand just like yourself to other people in the community who are seeking timely help, and that too for FREE.
All transferred funds to different participants are DONATIONSand not investments. You offer your moral gesture to help somebody in NEED and that is absolutely GRATIS.
If you are utterly sure about the basic concept and your actions and made up a decision with a sound mind to participate, we kindly request you to dig more information, learn rules, read instructions and warnings first. In case you have more questions about this subject please do not hesitate to contact support and we will be happy to answer.

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